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Where books are fast-paced & fun!

I’m Shannon Brown and I’m happy you’re here.

Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, I’m now in Nashville, Tennessee. Yes, it’s a big difference. I now enjoy eating greens (didn’t know that was possible!), but still eat Alaska salmon every chance I get.

This mystery series for kids ages 8-12 takes place in the town of Pine Hill which is a little bit Alaska, Idaho, and Tennessee. (I’ve lived in all three.) Parts of my personality found their way into the Crime-Solving Cousins Mystery series’ characters. Jessica loves to shop and few things make Sophie happier than walking through the woods. The series begins with The Feather Chase.

Readers of the mysteries will enjoy the free, connected Write a Mystery lapbook. Learn about mysteries and write your own. (In addition to journalism and communications, I also have a degree in education, so this was fun to create.)

I hope you’ll spend some time here. Please drop me a line and tell me if you’ve enjoyed the books.

And for you cat lovers, here’s a picture of my kitty, Evie.

Evie the cat in a box
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