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Create lasting memories of the books you read!

The Christian Reading Journal takes you simply, step-by-step through 60 book reviews with two pages for each.

Beautifully decorated with butterflies and flowers, this journal also has places to jot down favorite quotes, lists of books you’d recommend, and much, much more!

Filled with Bible quotes about joy and blessings, this paperback journal will be a delight for Christian fiction readers everywhere.

The Christian Reading Journal will save you both time and frustration, and turn record keeping into a rewarding activity. Years from now, you’ll remember the books that touched your heart today.

If you enjoy Christian fiction or know someone who does, then this journal will be a helpful, appreciated purchase. Start making memories today!

FREE Review Sheet

  • Make notes as you read
  • Give your instant reaction when you finish a book
  • Write and rate for your final review

Download the free PDF.

Two Sample Pages From the Christian Reading Journal
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