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Downloads From the Crime-Solving Cousins Mystery Series

Be a member of the Crime Solvers Club:

Track the clues in each book easily on this.

Puzzle from The Feather Chase:

If you read The Feather Chase as an ebook or just don’t want to write in the book, you can download the book’s puzzle—click here. The answers to the puzzle are here.

Word Find Puzzle for after reading The Feather Chase:

Here’s another fun puzzle. After you’ve read the book, click here for a Word Find puzzle. First answer questions about the book, then find those words in the puzzle. (If there is a question you don’t know the answer to, click here for the answers. To see the finished Word Find puzzle, click here.)

Puzzle from The Treasure Key:

Here is the puzzle from the back of The Treasure Key. Click here for answers to the puzzle at the end of The Treasure Key.

Puzzle from The Chocolate Spy:

This is the puzzle to decode from the back of The Chocolate Spy. Click here for the answers.

Label your books – including your copy of The Feather Chase – with your name!

Find fun bookplates here and type your name each of the boxes. (The boxes won’t show when you print this, it’s just to help guide you here.) These can be printed on 3 1/3″ x 4″ labels (I used Avery 8164), on a sheet of labels, or just on paper then glued into the front cover of the book. 

*Some people with Apple computers see a white box and don’t see the text as they type it. Type your name then click anywhere else and you will see what you just typed.

You’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for the above puzzles and bookplates. Get it here.

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