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The Feather Chase

Interviews and Guest Blog Posts

In A Day in the Life of a Character, Jessica from “The Feather Chase” tells what’s it’s like to be a character in a book.

An interview on Divine Detours shares much about why Shannon wrote “The Feather Chase.”

Shannon’s alma mater, the University of Alaska, Anchorage, did an interview with some great questions.

Shannon shares on Nerdy Book Club how she incorporates the printing process and book covers into the talks to she gives to kids.

Shannon shares the story of “The Feather Chase’s” cover on The Indigo Quill.

Ideas for books come from all over, including from the author’s own personality. Shannon tells about some of “The Feather Chase’s” inspiration on Here’s the Story.

On Strands of Thought, Shannon gives three of her favorite snacks, leisure activities and places to visit.

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