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If you've read one of my books and enjoyed it, then you might be a great addition to my street team.

What’s a street team you ask? The term started with the music industry and involved people going to the streets to promote a record. Authors use it to describe a special group of people, their insiders who see behind-the-scenes and help promote their books. Team members see the book covers first, may help name a character, and will be able to read and review new books. They create buzz about an author’s books by sharing about them on social media and with people they know. (Thank you in advance for doing that!)

I’ll have giveaways just for this team and mail out bookmarks and other swag. Members will receive an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of books they’re interested in and be asked to read then give an HONEST review when it releases. Amazon doesn’t allow me to require a review but it would be lovely if you reviewed there. Note: If you enjoy reading romances but not middle grade mysteries or vice versa, don’t worry. You can choose which books you’d like to read. 

After being confirmed as a team member, you’ll receive access to a private Facebook Page with a cool team badge you can snag for your website (if you have one), and a list of possible (easy) things for you to do to help. 

This sounds so fun to me and I hope you agree. Please fill out this form to tell me a little about yourself and why you’d like to be on Shannon’s team. 

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