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She makes wedding cakes. He’s a chef. They should get along.

Simone loves being able to make a wedding day even better with her cakes. Her friends Cassie and Bella moved their wedding businesses to Two Hearts, Tennessee, and they want Simone to move here too. She isn’t interested in leaving Nashville. She’s especially uninterested in a romance with the man who seems to say something rude every time they meet.

Nick owns a successful Nashville restaurant, but he’d love to move back to his hometown of Two Hearts. He’s testing catering for weddings held there. That’s working so far, but a certain cake baker annoys him more than she should.

Then his feeble grandmother asks who he’s dating, and he blurts out the one name he shouldn’t. Simone. Things go from bad to worse when he and Simone have to pretend they’re in a romantic relationship.

Author’s Note: Enemies to lovers (in a fun, sweet way). A fake relationship that goes from bad to worse. Fun and laughter. A charming small town. Sweet and clean.

Chapter One


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